Tandoor kebab


Hang in the tandoor big pieces of salty and flavored with spices mutton. Stopper the ash-box before and cover cracks in upper lid by means of clay. Also leave it for three-four hours. It is also possible to put on the bottom of the tandoor chicken, or ham, or even potatoes! Juice and fat from mutton will drip on them and make them even tastier.

In the upper part of tandoor heat degree is higher, therefore the largest pieces need to be put exactly there, and “the lower shelf” with a little cooler air is the place for chicken and potatoes.

The lowest layer of products is spread out on lattice, which is laid on wide ware filled with water. Water, evaporating, does not allow meat to dry, and the water cycle, known from nature study lessons, forces all moisture to gather into single place. As a result, one obtains in that very place an excellent broth in which it is possible to put potatoes, carrot, onions and get the most delicious tandoor shorpo!

This dish is traditionally prepared in Surkhandarye, in the South of Uzbekistan. Branches of mountainous juniper have been used as the main spice. Very fragrant and pleasant, but not edible.